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Talents Superiority
The idea of “Thousand Soldiers Easy to Get, A General Difficult to Seek” means talents are the source of enterprise management.
On the “Recruitment Platform”, the company treats talents as the root of development and take-off and the spirit for life continuity. Having experienced a 20 years’ stormy course, several generations of BGE talent team are developing and strengthening constantly, and adhering to the guidance idea of “Technology Creating Innovation, Service Beneficial to People”, they become today’s management team of high specification, high quality and high efficient:
    ● 16 doctors
    ● 27 talents introduced from overseas
    ● 36 senior technicians having IAGI qualification
    ● 64 registered constructors
    ● 139 engineers


Technical Advantages
Inheriting the science ideal of Chinese Academy of Sciences, BGE always regards technical innovation as the driving force for enterprise development.
We have possessed 37 patents and 6 software copyrights, have been major or participated in the preparation of 25 national, industrial standards and technical specifications and have created 6 technical centers. Besides, we are continuously increasing the technical research investment, widely developing international cooperation and increasing the search and development costs by RMB50 million every year, and all those are only to maintain as the world leader in technology:


6 Technical Centers
    ● Technical center for waste incineration
    ● Technical center for landfill
    ● Technical center for hazardous wastes
    ● Technical center for industrial wastewater
    ● Technical center for industrial solid wastes
    ● Technical center for environmental remediation


Capital Advantages
In 2010, BGE had introduced strategic investors of CITIC PE, Legend Capital, Fortune United/Partners and CHERRY Investment & Management etc., and established sound capital structure and scientific and normative administrative organization. The total assets were increased by 70% during four years from 2011 to 2014 and achieved the scale of RMB3 billion.
In 2014, relying on the opportunity of listing, the company would obtain long and steady capital funds, expand the financing channels and add dream wings. Main services modes were as follows:
    ● EPC mode (engineering – purchase -construction)
    ● BOT mode (building - operation - transfer)
    ● BT mode (Building - transfer)
    ● TOT mode (Turn-over – operation – turn-over)